Best Practices

Caring for your lawn equipment makes chores easier. As summer comes to an end we must deal with leaves, prepping your lawn mower and for those in the north removing snow blowers from storage. This weekend I prepped my lawn for fall feeding and aeration. In those few hours I thought about all the chores in the weeks ahead. Here’s a few thoughts to help your transition to winter go smoothly.

Dealing with leaves

We have some great insights on how to mulch, bag and remove falling leaves. Click Here for our thoughts.

Time for a new Power Blower? Here’s our advice

Prepping your Lawn Mower for Storage

Follow our quick checklist to make sure your lawn mower is prepped and safely stored this winter. Click here

Removing your Snow Blower from Storage

Winter is just around the corner. Follow our checklist to verify your snow equipment is ready for winter storms.

Preparing your Lawn for Winter

The health of your lawn next spring depends on how you prepare for the dormant months ahead.

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Consider Feeding your Lawn before the winter

Learn about Lawn Aeration

Dispose of old Fuel

During the transition from mowing to fall clean up, cycle through fuel that has been in your containers and equipment for 30 days. This prevents fuel related issues with your equipment.