The Mower Shop is distinct from retailers who only sell equipment. We provide complete sales, parts, maintenance and warranty support for our customers. So we focus on selecting brands and models with initial value, great features, quality performance, innovative design and most notably, years of durability. Honda and Toro are premiere brands with many models and features to choose. We select models for our showroom based on customer feedback, our technician’s expert analysis and our sales staff’s assessment of value. This spring the models that make our list include a few brand new models and updates to some classic mowers.

All online purchases include FREE assembly, set-up, inspection and delivery to local homeowners. Our showroom is fully stocked and the best sales of the year have already started. Whether you visit us online or in person, this preview will help you identify the best mower for you.

Best Overall Value – 21″ Toro Super Recycler with Personal Pace 3-in-1 (21385)

Toro’s Super Recycler is our choice for best overall value. The standard Recycler Series is a great price and offers the same features as this model. The durability of the Super Recycler’s cast decks, upgraded transmission, wheels and handlebars distinguishes this model as the BEST VALUE in walk power mowers. These components provide a considerably longer lifespan than steel deck models with weaker components. Backed by Toro’s  5 year warranty, homeowners cost of repairs and maintenance is considerably less than the Recycler series.

Within the Super Recycler series, this model (21385 formerly 21381) features an updated 21″ cast cutting deck, the proven excellence of 7.25 Toro TXP 159cc OHV engine, Rear Wheel Drive with Personal Pace and Iso-Flex comfort. Unlike steel deck options, the cast deck does not warp, bend, crack or rust. The engine has been exceptional for many years. The Personal Pace system is driven by a reliable drivetrain covered under the 5 year warranty.

Honda offers more mower at a higher price and there are great lower priced options in Honda and Toro. The Mower Shop considers value for the entire life of the lawnmower. For decades, Toro Super Recycler models have defined ease of use, longevity and durability at a fair price.

See all the details of 21″ Toro Super Recycler with Personal Pace 3-in-1 (21385)

If you need bag your grass clippings you might consider the ease of 21″ Toro Super Recycler with Personal Pace & Spin Stop (21383)

Best Premium Features – Honda HRX217HYA Premium Residential Mower

When a homeowner retires a Honda HRX217 Series mower, they almost always replace it with a Honda HRX217 Series mower. That is the definition of a premium mower. Honda’s Premium Residential Mower (HRX217HYA) offers features and a configuration unlike any other manufacturer. Starting with the GCV170 engine, Honda engines are legendary for ease of start and longevity. The Nexite deck is engineered around the MicroCut Twin Blade System to reduce grass clippings into a fine mulch. Cruise control powered by a hydrostatic transmission and large wheels is a smooth and precise self propel system. Finally, the Roto-Stop Blade Stop System allows you to step away without restarting the engine.

Honda set a benchmark decades ago with the initial design and this latest model only continues to keep HRX2176KYA in a class unto itself.

See all the details of Honda HRX217HYA Premium Residential Mower

If you don’t need the Blade Stop consider Honda HRX217VKA Premium Residential Mower

For homeowners who need the ease of electric start Honda HRX217HZA Premium Residential Mower

Best Price 22″ Toro Recycler with Personal Pace (20372)

Toro Recycler models offer the same great features of the Super Recycler Series at a lower price. Saving material cost by building a thinner, steel cutting deck, simpler transmissions and lower quality hardware for wheels and handles, homeowners spend less initially. Compared to other brands, the Recycler Series is a tremendous value. The Toro OHV engine on this model is excellent and the Personal Pace is unrivaled for ease of use. Toro does offer a shorter warranty than on the Super Recycler Series but our technicians endorse this model for ease of use, reliability and cut quality on smaller residential lawns.

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Newest model Honda HRN216VKA

For years, Honda HRR216 models provided an excellent cut, quality construction and a dependable engine at a great price. The all new HRN216 Series features a bigger engine, completely renewed deck design and new Twin Blade System. The popular Smart Drive transmission is carried over from the previous generation. Otherwise this is a brand new and exciting addition to our showroom. Supplies are limited.

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Save Time!

Homeowners, our service technicians and our sales staff love this model because it solves so many common complaints. Toro’s TimeMaster Mower solves 3 common complaints of homeowners: mowing time, storage space and price. The 30″ wide cutting deck immediately saves mowing time by 40%. Second, the handle bars lock vertically to fit the mower in tight garage spaces. Finally, the cost is vastly less than riding lawn mowers. Toro continues to improve the drivetrain upgrading the engine and transmission in the most recent model. If you need to reduce mowing time, the TimeMaster delivers without occupying your entire garage or landscape budget.

See all the details of 30″ Toro TimeMaster Mower with Personal Pace (21199)

Best Innovation – SmartStow

Toro’s SmartStow design collapses the handle bar so the lawnmower stores upright. The Briggs & Stratton engine is specifically designed for this function. If you have limited storage space in your garage, this innovation really saves space.

See all the details of 22″ Toro Recycler SMARTSTOW with Personal Pace (20340)