Changes to Winter Service Lawnmower Program

The primary goal of our Winter Service Lawnmower Program has always been maintaining your lawnmower for consistent performance. Our standard of quality demands both time and knowledge from our technicians. Our technicians are trained, skilled and most notably, they take pride in our business. Finding this type of employee continues to be a persistent challenge. Instead of compromising our standards, we are implementing changes to the scale of our Winter Service Program.

For many of our customers, Winter Service will continue to be an ideal solution for worry free maintenance. For every lawnmower we will not change our process. We will continue our exact procedure of inspecting overall condition, re-powering engines, renewing blades, identifying and repairing worn/ broken components, cleaning and testing all operations. This process is proven to keep equipment running well all season.

The primary changes to our Winter Service Lawnmower Program are:

  • Limited number of Registrations We will restrict the number of tune-ups this year
  • Start Date We will begin picking up equipment November 1
  • Pick Up & Delivery We are limiting free pick up and delivery to specific postal codes

Volume Restriction

The available number of open registrations for Winter Lawn Mower Service is lower this year than prior years.

Why? We can tune-up and repair a specific number of lawnmowers each day. Exceeding this number would result in unnecessary stress on our technicians; compromised quality of work and reduced customer satisfaction. We offer a total number of registrations based on the volume of lawnmowers our staff can tune-up between November 1 through the end of March. All homeowners who register the program will be scheduled for pick up and delivery.

What this mean for you: It is vital to register early. Please leave your equipment out on your scheduled pick up date. We do not have open dates so rescheduling will not be possible.

Start Date

Early Bird Pick Up will begin November 1

Why? To accommodate as many homeowners we will start pick up 3 weeks earlier than prior years only in Fishers and east Carmel. Customers who register by October 22 will be scheduled for pick up earlier than prior years.

What this means to you: This is an important change for customers within Fishers and east Carmel.

Standard Registration begins November 1

For homeowners who need to use their lawnmower throughout November, registration for the standard schedule will open on November 1. Pick Up routes for the standard program will begin December 1, 2021. All lawnmowers are returned prepared for offseason storage. We will not pick up during holiday weeks including Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

Pick Up & Delivery

For many homeowners, Pick Up & Delivery is a key benefit of our program. We have built Winter Service on the convenience of pick up and delivery. FREE pickup and delivery continues to be available for the vast majority of our customers.

For the following ZIP codes, we are able to offer FREE pick up and delivery by scheduling your equipment with other customers in your area.

46032 46055 46250
46033 46060 46256
46037 46062 46280
46038 46220 46290
46040 46236

Some ZIP codes will have a $75 fee for pickup and delivery, for which you will be notified on the registration form.

46034 46074 46226
46240 46077
46260 46205

Pick up and delivery is not available to other zip codes.