Read the label and find the right product. Here are some key concerns we hear each season:

  • Pre-emergent is intended for mature lawns. Most prevent all seed growth including grass. Spring may be a perfect time to seed a developing lawn, so either skip Pre-emergent or find a product that does not inhibit grass seed.
  • Pre-emergent does not eradicate weeds forever. Neighboring properties and natural distribution will always affect your lawn. Chemical treatments are ongoing and must be applied regularly as described by the manufacturer.
  • Timing is everything. Reading labels carefully or even hiring a professional doesn’t guarantee effective application. Temperature and precipitation are the major factors in when weeds germinate. Treat too soon and the herbicide washes away before weeds germinate. Apply too late and weeds have already started to grow.
  • Application must be perfect. If you miss a spot or apply too thin, then weeds break through the surface. If you apply too liberally, you may damage the healthy grass.
  • Fertilizers and Pre-emergent are chemicals which may damage flowers, patios, decks and concrete in your lawn.  There are organic treatments which are less harsh, but these options are more expensive and sometimes less effective.