Run the engine for a few minutes to warm oil. Warm oil drains quickly and completely.

Maintenance Safety

  1. Shut off the engine.
  2. Prior to performing maintenance, disconnect the spark-plug wire from the spark plug and remove the Key/electric-start button (electric-start model only) before performing any maintenance procedure.
  3. Wear gloves and eye protection when servicing the machine.
  4. Blades are sharp and can result in personal injury. Wear gloves and do not contact blades at sharp edges.
  5. Fuel is flammable and explosive. Run the engine dry to remove fuel or drain fuel.
  6. Tipping the machine with the dipstick side to the ground and the air filter upward. This reduces the chance of any fuel leaks.
  7. Disconnect the spark-plug wire from the spark plug

Replace spark plug

  1. Remove the spark plug with a torque wrench
  2. spin the engine rapidly by pulling the recoil-start handle to blow the excess oil from the cylinder.
  3. Install the new spark plug and tighten it with a torque wrench to 20 N∙m (15 ft-lb).


Changing the Engine Oil Service

  1. Engine oil capacity: 0.5 L (19 fl. oz) Oil viscosity: SAE 30 or SAE 10W-30 detergent oil API service classification: SJ or higher
  2. Remove the dipstick by rotating the cap counterclockwise and pulling it out
  3. Drain the used oil from the oil-fill tube
  4. After draining the used oil, return the machine to the operating position.
  5. Carefully pour about 3/4 of the engine capacity of oil into the oil-fill tube.
  6. Wait about 3 minutes for the oil to settle in the engine
  7. Wipe the dipstick clean with a clean cloth.
  8. Insert the dipstick into the oil-fill tube, then remove the dipstick.
  9. Read the oil level on the dipstick Full 3. Low 2. High
  10. If the oil level on the dipstick is too low, carefully pour a small amount of oil into the oil-fill tube, wait 3 minutes, and repeat steps 7 through 9 until the oil on the dipstick is at the correct level.
  11. Install the dipstick securely.
  12. Recycle the used oil properly.

Replacing the Blade Service

Important: You will need a torque wrench to install the blade properly. If you do not have a torque wrench or are uncomfortable performing this procedure, contact a professional.

WARNING The blade is sharp; contacting the blade can result in serious personal injury. Wear gloves when servicing the blade.

  1. Tip the machine onto its side with the air filter up.
  2. Use a block of wood to hold the blade steady
  3. Remove the blade, saving all mounting hardware
  4. Install the new blade and all mounting hardware
  5. Use a torque wrench to tighten the blade bolt to 82 N∙m (60 ft-lb). Important: A bolt torqued to 82 N∙m (60 ft-lb) is very tight. While holding the blade with a block of wood, put your weight behind the ratchet or wrench and tighten the bolt securely. This bolt is very difficult to overtighten.

Replacing the Air Cleaner

  1. Press down on the latch tabs on top of the air-cleaner cover
  2. Open the cover.
  3. Remove the paper air filter and the foam pre-filter
  4. Remove dirt from the air cleaner body and cover using a moist rag (to trap the dirt and keep it from falling into the engine). Do not wipe dirt into the air duct.
  5. Insert the foam pre-filter and the paper air filter into the air cleaner.
  6. Install the cover.

Adjusting the Self-Propel Drive

NOTE: New models feature an adjustment knob. Older models feature a special nut near the personal pace control.

  1. Turn the adjustment knob/nut counterclockwise to loosen the cable adjustment
  2. Adjust the tension on the cable by pulling it back or pushing it forward and holding that position.

Note: Push the cable toward the engine to increase the traction; pull the cable away from the engine to decrease the traction.

  1. Turn the adjustment knob/nut clockwise to tighten the cable adjustment.

Lubricating the Wheel Gears (Super Recycler Models ONLY)

  1. Wipe the grease fittings just inside the rear wheels with a clean
  2. Install a grease gun onto each fitting and gently apply 2 or 3 pumps of #2 multi-purpose, lithium-base grease.