48″ Toro GrandStand with Kawasaki FX (74504)

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Increased Productivity

Toro GrandStand 48″ (122 cm) 22 HP 726cc (74504) features Kawasaki FX 726cc engine with 48 IN Turbo Force Technology cutting deck.

Toro has redesigned the already revolutionary GrandStand™ stand-on mower. This model features a powerful engine and a 48″ Turbo Force cutting deck. This configuration handles rough terrain and reduces fatigue of the operator. The smaller footprint takes up less space on the trailer when transporting. StandOn mowers combine the speed of zero turn riding mower and the ease of a midsize walk behind mower to create the ultimate in productivity and comfort. The new design uses less parts, eliminates hydraulic hoses, and no longer requires routine greasing. All GrandStand stand-on mowers give you exceptional operator visibility which leads to less property damage and a higher quality of work. Best of all, great traction on slopes and maneuverability.

Key Features

Improve productivity with easy access on and off the machine with up to 10.5 gallons of fuel capacity to mow longer with fewer stops.

Exceptional visibility from the GrandStand protects the operator, the mower and the property. The operator is better able to steer clear of obstacles, and easily pass beneath branches.

Toro’s foldable operator platform instantly converts the GrandStand to a walk-behind. It easily lowers back down when its time to ride – saving time, money and trailer space by eliminating the need to switch mowers.

Conserves space to get more machines on your trailer, or allows for a smaller trailer and lighter load.

Product Details

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Faster Speeds

The 10 mph transport speed gets you to your next destination quickly.

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Smaller Footprint

With the platform folded, the small footprint allows you to transport more products on the trailer.

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Better Visibility

Exceptional operator visibility leads to less property damage and higher quality work.

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Easier Maintenance

Access to both sides of the engine, hydros and controls with the easy removal of the fuel tank.

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Less Maintenance Needed

The elimination of hydraulic hoses, reduced parts, no routine greasing and simplified design, save you time.

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Comfortable Ride

The platform has self-adjusting suspension, a larger open area to move around, and sloped sides for a more secure stance when cutting sloped terrain.

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Ultimate Cutting Deck

Our exclusive TURBO FORCE cutting deck is built to withstand the extreme conditions of long, tough days on the job. It features a durable bull-nose bumper, high-strength blades and the industries toughtest spindle assemblies.

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Extra Large Fuel Tank

10.5 gallon fuel tank requires less filling and more time working. Transparent tank make it easy to gauge the fuel level.

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Traction On Hills

The low center of gravity of stand-on mowers hug hills and slopes. Operators can easily shift their weight as needed to enhance performance.

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Smarter design in a bull-nose bumper.

7-gauge bull-nose bumper not only protects against frontal impacts, but also contains an integral underskirt to minimize blowout of debris and dust. The bottom, leading edge of the deck is raised 1/4″ (6 mm), allowing grass to stand more upright when entering the cutting chamber, ensuring a level cut. Leaf “plowing” during spring and fall clean-up also is significantly reduced.

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A Flat Crisp Cut with Precision Blades

(.250) thick precision blades resist flexing to provide a flat, crisp cut. High-strength, heat-treated alloy steel survives impacts and provides resistance to the rapid wear commonly associated with abrasive conditions. Options include Recycler® and Atomic® mulching blades, medium sail Bahai blades, and low sail sand blades.

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Patented Adjustable Baffle

Allows operator to achieve maximum cutting performance by fine-tuning deck to conquer changing conditions, unique job sites or different times of the season. In extreme conditions, the baffle can be opened in order to conserve power and achieve faster mowing speeds. In less demanding conditions, the baffle can be closed to yield micro-sized particles and maximize discharge velocity.

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