Toro 48″ Pistol Grip Fixed Deck Hydro Drive (39938)


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48″ (122 cm) Fixed Deck Hydro Drive Pistol Grip (50 State) (39938) features14.5 hp Kawasaki FS481V 603cc Engine with 48″ (122 cm) TURBO FORCE cutting technology deck. 

The Mower Shop endorses this model for agility and speed in the turf. Compared to other models The Mower Shop endorses the speed, agility and value of this model. Independent pumps and wheel motors deliver infinitely variable ground speed ranging from 0 – 6.2 mph. Large 16″ drive tires and 9″ caster tires provide consistent traction and smooth operation.

Key Features

48″ (122 cm) TURBO FORCE 7-gauge deck

14.5 hp* Kawasaki® FS481V 603cc

Massive 9-3/8″ (23.8 cm) diameter spindles

Rubber discharge chute

Product Details

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A Flat Crisp Cut with Precision Blades

(.250) thick precision blades resist flexing to provide a flat, crisp cut. High-strength, heat-treated alloy steel survives impacts and provides resistance to the rapid wear commonly associated with abrasive conditions. Options include Recycler® and Atomic® mulching blades, medium sail Bahai blades, and low sail sand blades.

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Rubber Discharge Chute

High performance rubber discharge chute allows for close trimming without damaging chute or landscape structures. Patented design provides exceptional clipping dispersion.

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Smarter design in a bull-nose bumper.

7-gauge bull-nose bumper not only protects against frontal impacts, but also contains an integral underskirt to minimize blowout of debris and dust. The bottom, leading edge of the deck is raised 1/4″ (6 mm), allowing grass to stand more upright when entering the cutting chamber, ensuring a level cut. Leaf “plowing” during spring and fall clean-up also is significantly reduced.

Compact Models

Compact 36″ (91.4 cm) and 40″ (101.6 cm) units can easily fit through gates and maneuver around smaller, tightly landscaped properties.

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Premium Hydraulics

Independent, commercial-duty .6 cu. in. (10 cc) displacement pumps and wheel motors provide instant forward and reverse control without shifting.

Unique Under-the-Deck Skid Plate

Reduces scalping when traveling over uneven terrain and to avoid catching while loading onto trailers.

Fast Ground Speed

Infinitely variable ground speed ranging from 0 – 6.2 mph (10 kph) forward, and 0 – 2.2 mph (3.5 kph) in reverse.

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Large Drive Tires

Large 16″ (40.6 cm) drive tires and 9″ (23 cm) smooth, caster tires deliver excellent traction and superior floatation.

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Patented Adjustable Baffle

Allows operator to achieve maximum cutting performance by fine-tuning deck to conquer changing conditions, unique job sites or different times of the season. In extreme conditions, the baffle can be opened in order to conserve power and achieve faster mowing speeds. In less demanding conditions, the baffle can be closed to yield micro-sized particles and maximize discharge velocity.

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The Industry’s Toughest Spindle Assembly

Toro’s rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles. The cast iron housing, with a massive 9-3/8″ (23.8 cm) diameter base, absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the robust deck shell.

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Exclusive TURBO FORCE Deck

High-capacity TURBO FORCE decks deliver unsurpassed strength, a superior cut, and increased productivity in extreme mowing conditions. Equipped with a patented adjustable baffle, TURBO FORCE decks can be fine-tuned in order to conquer changing turf conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 610 lbs