Toro Dingo Tiller Attachment (22445)

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Toro Dingo Tiller

The Toro Dingo tiller attachment greatly increases the productivity and performance of your Dingo system. Break through hard soil conditions up to 6″ (15.2 cm) deep. Avoid clogging the tiller by using one easy hand control to reverse the direction of the tiller to clear jams from rocks and debris.

Key Features

Hydraulically variable ground speed

Hardened tines for maximum life

Reversible tiller direction

Hydraulic Drive

Maximizes performance by supplying optimal power to the Dingo Tiller at all times. It also allows you to reverse the tiller direction to keep working through the toughest conditions if clogging occurs.

Reverse Tiller Direction

Easy hand control reverses the tiller direction if clogging occurs to continue working through the toughest conditions.

Hardened Tines

Maximize life and help dig in a variety of conditions. The tines are “bolt on” so they are easy to replace when worn.

Additional information

Weight 390 lbs