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We currently feature 60″ SUPER Z KAWASAKI FX1000 (35HP) (Model #941153). This model matches a premium Kawasaki FX1000 engine with the superior Hustler Super Z design for a powerful and reliable professional mower.

Super Z

The Super Z® stands apart with Hustler’s acclaimed VX4® deck technology proven to cut and disperse grass more quickly and efficiently regardless of conditions. It continues with hydraulics unmatched by the competition. Plus, enjoy the comforts of a high-back seat with armrests. At up to 14 miles per hour and an 11.7 gallon fuel tank, you’ll enjoy the incredible productivity of the Super Z.

We include the X-One models in listing Super Z models. All models are available upon request. Based on customer demand and vast engine and deck combinations, The Mower Shop offers a limited number of Super Z models in our showroom.

Key Features

14 mph – gets the job done fast!

VX4® deck – clean cut, excellent performance in all conditions

Unmatched hydraulics

Bolstered suspension seat

Solid steel 54″, 60″, 66″, 72″ decks

Full Super Z & X-One Line-Up

Super Z

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 54″ I3M Suspension Seat (936872)

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 60″ I3M Suspension Seat (936880)

Kawasaki FX1000 (35hp) 60″ I3M Suspension Seat (936989)

Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 60″ I3M Suspension Seat (938985)

Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 60″ RD I3M Suspension Seat (936914)

Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 66″ I3M Suspension Seat (936922)

Kawasaki FX1000 (35hp) 66″ I3M Suspension Seat (937730)

Kawasaki FX1000 (35hp) 72″ I3M Suspension Seat (936930)

Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 72″ I3M Suspension Seat (938993)

Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 72″ RD I3M Suspension Seat (936955)


Kohler Command Pro (25hp) 52″ (939322)

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 52″ (936740)

Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 52″ (936765)

Kohler Command Pro (25hp) 60″ (939314)

Kawasaki FX730 (23.5hp) 60″ (936781)

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 60″ (936799)

Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 60″ (936815)

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 72″ (936831)

Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 72″ (936849

Kawasaki FX730 (23.5hp) 54″ Rear Discharge (936773)

Kawasaki FX730 (23.5hp) 60″ Rear Discharge (936823)


Heavy-duty hydraulics deliver more power, torque than many other machines.

Responsive, precise steering control.

Engineered for a perfect cut every time.

Large drive tires provide a smoother ride experience. The Super Z offers up to 24″ drive tires.

High-back seat with armrests.

Up to 14 mph to get the job done.

Full Super Z Specifications

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Weight 1675 lbs
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