Honda EU Generator Parallel Cables (08E93-HPK123HI)


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Honda Parallel Cables (08E93-HPK123HI)Honda Parallel Cables (08E93-HPK123HI)


Honda Parallel Cables

Genuine Honda Parallel Cables (08E93-HPK123HI)
This 5′ cable set links two EU generators via parallel outlets
Double the power (using multiple outlets)
Durable molded cables and connectors
Only for use with two identical models

Fits Honda EU-series models

EU3000i (Handi model only)

eu2000i a, eu2000ia, eu2000i a/a, eu2000ia/a eu2000ia/b eu2000i a/b eu2000iac eu2000i ac eu2000iac1 eu2000i ac1 eu2000iac2 eu2000i ac2 eu2000ian eu2000i an1 eu2000ian2 eu2000i an2 eu2000ik1a1 eu2000ik1 a1 eu2000ik1a2 eu2000ik1 a2 eu2000ik1 a3 eu2000ik1a3 eu2000ik1 a4 eu2000ik1a4 eu2000ik1a5 eu2000ik1 a5 eu2000ik1a6 eu2000ik1 a6 eu2000ik1 ac eu2000ik1ac eu2000ik1ac1 eu2000ik1 ac1 eu2000ik1ac2 eu2000ik1 ac2 eu2000ik1 an eu2000ik1an eu2000ik1an1 eu2000ik1 an1 eu2000ik1a1 eu2000ik1 a1 eu2000ik1 a3 eu2000ik1a3 eu2000ik1a4 eu2000ik1 a4

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