Honda HRX217HZA Premium Residential Mower

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HRX217 Series

Mowing is easier with Electric Start, Cruise Control and a Roto-Stop blade stop system. The Honda HRX217HZA is the most premium 21″ lawnmower available.

The Honda HRX217 Series transforms homeowners mowing experience with easy starting engines, incredibly flexible self propel systems, an unsurpassed cut quality and most notably durable components throughout the design. While other brands commonly use Honda engines, the HRX217 Series is a genuine work of art designed and built by Honda engineers. Updated in 2019, Honda’s Premium Residential Mowers feature powerful GCV200 engines. These engines are specifically designed for the HRX217 Series. The easy starting, reliable engines power the MicroCut Twin Blade Cutting System inside the Nexite cutting decks. MicroCut Twin Blades deliver four cutting surfaces on every spin of the offset blades. The Nexite deck is moulded to cut grass clippings into an exceptionally fine mulch. Beyond the performance, the HRX-Series is built with durable components at the wheels, transmission system and handles to last for season after season.

For homeowners who need electric start this is the perfect premium mower. A simple turn of the key starts the engine. A recoil starter is mounted on the top of the engine for easy starting, as well. Honda HRX217HYA is identical to this model minus the electric start feature.

Key Features

Electric Start

Self-propelled, hydrostatic Cruise Control

Roto-Stop® blade stop system

4-in-1 Versamow System™ with Clip Director® – mulch, bag, discharge, and leaf shred

MicroCut® Twin Blades

Worry free lifetime limited warranty NeXite® deck

Easy starting Honda GCV200 engine with Auto Choke System

5 year mower warranty

Product Description

Simple Electric Start

Effortless self-charging electric start with recoil start back-up.

Powerful, reliable Honda GCV200 Engine

Powerful, reliable Honda GCV200 Engine

Easy-starting, fuel efficient, and powerful, Honda’s premium residential GCV200 engine delivers exceptional power and torque. Combined with Honda’s unique deck design and MicroCut blade system the HRX217 delivers superior mowing performance, and easier and faster cutting, even in heavy, thick grass. Increased power also means increased durability, providing years of reliable service.

Cruise Control: Simple, precision speed control

Cruise Control: Simple, precision speed control

Honda’s hydrostatic Cruise Control allows precise speed control that’s fully adjustable from 0 to 4 mph.

Roto-Stop®: Stop the blades without stopping the engine

Roto-Stop: Stop the blades without stopping the engine

Honda’s Roto-Stop blade stop system allows you to step away from the mower, without having to stop and restart the engine. Move items out of the way, empty the bag, or take a break, without having to restart your mower.

4-in-1 Versamow System™ with Clip Director® - Mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred with no tools or attachments required

4-in-1 Versamow System with Clip Director

Honda’s revolutionary Versamow System allows mulch, bag, discharge and leaf shred with no tools or attachments required. Mulch, bag, discharge, and shred leaves – or even a combination of mulching and bagging! Just slide the convenient Clip Director knob to choose how much grass is bagged or mulched. No tools or costly attachments are needed. It’s the ultimate in convenience and versatility.

Honda MicroCut® Twin Blades: superior mulching and bagging

Honda MicroCut

Honda’s exclusive twin blade MicroCut System uses four cutting surfaces to reduce grass into ultra fine clippings for superior mulching and more clippings per bag. The cutting system produces an exceptional mulch and when necessary less time emptying the bag, and less work for you.

Rust-free, no-dent NeXite® mowing deck with lifetime warranty

Rust-free, no-dent NeXite mowing deck

The HRX’s 21″ deck is made of NeXite. This high impact resistant material does not dent, rust, or corrode over time. So durable it comes with a lifetime warranty!

5 year residential warranty

5 year residential warranty

You can rest easy, knowing your lawn mower is covered from top to bottom for 5 full years. The Mower Shop offers a complete service experience. All warranty and maintenance repairs are performed by our Honda trained technicians.

Honda Auto Choke System

Honda engines are famously easy to start and the HRX217 features an auto choke system. No engine choke required! Just start the mower and go!

Easy, convenient rear discharge

Easy, convenient rear discharge

The HRX has a convenient rear discharge door that improves maneuverability, eliminating the need for a separate discharge chute attachment. Clippings are directed out the bottom at the rear of the mower.

Make quick work of leaves, with no attachments necessary.

The HRX design makes leaf shredding easy. Tiny pieces minimize the use of leaf bags for collecting debris. No attachments or tools are necessary.

3-position Quick Release adjustable handle

3-position Quick Release adjustable handle

The quick release handle is easy to adjust to one of 3 positions for comfortable mowing. Or fold it over for more compact storage.

Large 9

Large 9″ ball bearing wheels

Ball bearings in all four wheels offer better maneuverability, smoother drive, and increased durability.

7 position cutting height adjustment (.75

7 position cutting height adjustment (.75″ to 4″)

Convenient height adjustment levers to set mowing height for lawn conditions.

Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag

Large 2.5 bushel capacity grass bag

Our large capacity grass bags are balanced so they are easy to empty, saving you time and effort.

Manual fuel shut-off valve

The fuel valve can be shut off for transport, storage, or to perform maintenance.

Other Honda HRX217 Series models available to order

HRX217VLA – HRX217K6VLA features electric start with Select Drive self propel system. This is an ideal model for homeowners who need electric start but do not want the Roto-Stop blade stop system. The Mower Shop offers this model upon request only. Most of our customers find value in the blade clutch feature.

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