24″ 60V MAX Electric Battery Power Max e24 Two-Stage Snow Blower (39924)


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24″ (61 cm) 60V MAX* (2 x 6.0 ah) Electric Battery Power Max® e24 Two-Stage Snow Blower (39924)

Toro’s latest innovation in snow removal is the 60V* Power Max® e24 two-stage snow blower. Toro has designed an electric powered snowblowers without compromising power and construction. The auger housing is 24″ wide and 20″ in height to work through deep snow. Designed with the popular features of gas powered two stage snowblowers, this Power Max includes the Quick Stick® control to direct steel chute with a simple, smooth motion. Toro’s exclusive Anti-Clogging System reduces clogging. The auger gearbox features hardened gears and eliminates shear pins. This means more productivity and less down time.

Combined with The Mower Shop’s excellent parts and accessory selection, 39924 is ideal for concrete, asphalt and gravel surfaces of any size.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

Toro’s Highlights

Why take our word for it? Here’s what Toro has to say:

Battery Power, No Compromises

Includes two 6.0 ah batteries. Extend your power by adding an additional battery from another 60V tool into the third battery port.

Identical to the Gas Two-Stage in Every Way, Except the Gas

The 60v Power Max two-stage is built with long-lasting, heavy-duty steel – just like the rest of the Toro two-stage snow blower family. It’s tough and ready to go, with all of the features you love – Quick Stick chute control, hardened gear and auger, Anti-clogging system, and more.

Night Vision

Have a brighter and broader view with the panoramic LED lighting.

Heavy-Duty Confidence

Heavy-duty, steel construction. Tackle years of tough jobs with confidence thanks to steel construction in the housing, frame, deflector and chute. This machine is built to last.


Quickly and easily cut through snow with total speed control, 6 speeds forward and 2 speeds reverse.

Stay the Course

Minimizes clogging and routes heavy snow away from chute and back into the auger with Toro’s patented Anti-Clogging System.

Put Snow Anywhere You Want

With Toro’s Quick Stick chute control, you can aim for the exact spot where you want to put snow – while keeping it from blowing into your face. Quick Stick instantly reacts with a single, smooth motion that lets you aim snow one foot away or 40 feet away.

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