21″ 60V MAX Electric Battery Power Clear Snow Blower (39902)


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Toro’s latest innovation in snow removal is the 60V* Power Clear® e20 single-stage snow blower. Toro has designed an electric powered snowblower without compromising power and construction. The auger housing is 20″ wide and 12″ in height to work through deep snow. Designed with the popular features of gas powered two single-stage snowblowers, this Power Clear includes the chute mounted control to direct the steel chute with a simple, smooth motion. Toro’s exclusive Anti-Clogging System reduces clogging.

Combined with The Mower Shop’s excellent parts and accessory selection, 39902 is ideal for concrete and asphalt surface size of 19 parked cars with a single charge.

*Battery manufacturer rating = 60V maximum & 54V typical usage. Actual voltage varies with load.

Toro’s Highlights

Why take our word for it? Here’s what Toro has to say:

Extra Power

Two L324 batteries will give you even more clearing power. A 60 Volt MAX (6.0 Amp-Hours, L324 Watt-Hours) is compatible with all 60V Flex-Force Power System™ tools. With 324 watt-hours and a spare battery, you can clear up to an 18-parked-car driveway on a single charge. And you’ll get the most of your battery life with ECO mode.

Night Vision

Have a brighter and broader view with the panoramic LED lighting.

Heavy-Duty Confidence

Heavy-duty, steel construction. Tackle years of tough jobs with confidence thanks to steel construction in the housing, frame, deflector and chute. This machine is built to last.

Snowdrift Strength

All the power to break through heavy, wet snow and throw it up to 40 feet.

Extended Life

Enjoy more power, longer runtime and longer life from a Brushless DC Motor.

Put Snow Anywhere You Want

With a touch of the hand, the locking deflector lets you aim exactly where you want to throw snow from the chute.