Autumn is the most common time for customers to shop for power blowers. Leaf season quickly overwhelms all homeowners. A power blower can make a dramatic difference in the time and energy required to clean your common areas and lawn of excessive leaves. When customers visit our showroom, we ask a few simple questions to guide them to the proper power blower.

What is your application?

Echo offers handheld blowers that are lightweight, affordable and power for most uses. For homeowners dealing with larger properties or very mature trees, a backpack blower provides more power and comfort over longer periods of time. Echo’s line-up delivers more power. So consider your primary use and buy accordingly.

Handheld Blowers provide lightweight, compact and consistent power. If you are only clearing grass clippings and leaves off your driveway, patio and other common areas, this product is ideal. Handheld blowers are affordable and Echo offers quality parts and warranty. The limitation of handheld blowers is moving large piles of leaves.

BackPack Blowers handle leaf removal far better than their smaller counterparts. Echo backpack blowers do everything handheld blowers do plus quickly pile leaves and move them across your turf.

If you plan to clean only your common areas, then a handheld blower is perfect. If you don’t mind raking a number of small piles, then a handheld blower will probably suit your needs. If you want to move all leaves into one pile on your lawn, then we strongly suggest opting for a backpack blower.

What are the differences between handheld and backpack blower models?

The primary difference between a handheld and backpack blower is power. If handheld blowers are a garden hose, then backback blowers are a fire hose. For small chores and everyday use, a handheld blower is great. However, when you have a lot of work to do a backpack blower increases your productivity and takes the stress out of your arms.

Handheld Power Blower (PB2520 vs. PB2620)

 We offer both the Echo PB2520 and PB2620 models. Both feature an easy starting, quality 25.4cc engine. The PB2520 is very competitively priced at just $149.99. For $199.99, the PB2620 has a chrome plated cylinder for longer engine life, a second handle for maneuverability, rounded and flared-end tubes for a variety of applications and a very nice rubber grip for comfort.

Backpack Power Blower (PB580, PB755, PB770 & PB8010)

The 4 backpack blowers we offer are all extremely comfortable but feature considerably different engines and power. Most homeowners will be happy with the PB580. It is more than twice the power of a handheld blower and still affordable at $329.99. The PB755 is popular with landscapers but homeowners typically upgrade to the PB770 at $499.99 when they need real power. The PB770 has nearly 150% the air volume of the PB580. With a maximum air speed of 234 MPH the PB770 has enough power to clear leaves in almost any condition and even blow small snowfalls off your driveway, porches and walkways. In spite of the larger capacity, the PB770 is only 2 pounds heavier than the PB580 and with improved padding and cushioning in the shoulder straps it is very comfortable.

At $599.99 the Echo’s latest blower the PB8010 is popular with landscapers but most homeowners will never take advantage of the immense power, longer run time and the excessive use the engine is designed to withstand. It is an extraordinarily powerful piece of equipment that some homeowners will admire.

Buying from a dealer still makes a difference

The final question most homeowners ask is why choose The Mower Shop? Afterall, you can purchase many of the same models at the big box stores.

We work hard to match homeowners up with the best product for their needs. The models we carry based on performance and reliability not profit margin or manufacturer blowout specials. We don’t stock our shelves with dozens of options from multiple vendors. Ultimately, whether you purchase from us or another local dealer, we always encourage you to seek out a brand and a servicing partner that you can count on for years. Wherever you buy your next Echo product you can always find parts including YOUCan Tune Up Kits and PowerFUEL premixed, ethanol free fuel with The Mower Shop