While we pay a lot of attention and spend good money on watering and fertilizing our lawns, mowing is a means of caring for grass plants. Proper mowing techniques are vital in promoting strong, healthy growth. In fact, the wrong practices quickly destroy a healthy lawn. As temperatures rise, observe these three often overlooked keys to proper mowing in warm temperatures—keep your blade sharp, mow often and mow high.
By Memorial Day, most blades are dull. Examining freshly cut grass reveals whether a blade has dulled. A dull blade rips the plant and leaves the tips frayed or torn. A fresh blade cuts cleanly through the plant. This clean cut allows the grass to recover quickly because less water and nutrients are lost.
Summer temperatures slows the growth of cool season species. While your mowing schedule may alter slightly, mowing frequently ensures that no more than 20% of the plant is cut. As wells as causing less damage to the plant, this guarantees that grass is finely mulched. Mulch retains moisture and cools the soil surface. This translates into less yellowed, dry blades of grass in your lawn. While cool season grasses turn yellow, unsightly warm season species thrive. Since many weeds fall into this category, mowing frequently is a natural defense to prevent seeding and the spread of weeds.
Mowing high aides in overall plant health as well. The height of the plant corresponds to the length of the root system. Robust root systems prevent weeds and retain moisture. Finally, taller grass provides greater shade and therefore, retains more moisture at the soil surface.

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