I tolerate my blower and string trimmer. I detest my edger. I don't even bother trying start my hedge trimmer. Every brand of handheld equipment is marred by impossible hard to start 2-stroke engines, underpowered electric motors or cheap, unreliable 4-stroke engines. Even if they start they are loud, smoking and underpowered.

Honda is a brand known for quality, reliability, and…I don't need to justify Honda's reputation. So, here you go meet the Honda VersAttach System.

Honda VersAttach

Choose one powerhead (UMC-425 or UMC-435) and the SureLoc system operates any of the six attchments (Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Edge, Cultivator, Pruner and Blower). The Honda engines are easy to start, run on straight gasoline (no mixing) and alleviate these other common complaints:

  • Lowest sound level – Honda superior engine technology offers the lowest sound level at idle and full throttle
  • Operate and store in any position – The engine doesn't bog down or leak when turned and twisted
  •  Anti-vibration for comfortable operation – Makes long chores less fatiguing
  • Quick acceleration – Strong low-end torque completes most jobs at partial throttle
  • Exceptional fuel efficiency – Not only do you eliminate the price of oil mix, the engine is more efficient that 2-stroke competitors
  • Less smoke and odor

Perhaps best of all, you only need to maintain and service one engine. I mentioned it is a Honda, right?

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Honda Tillers

For gardeners tired of mixing oil and fighting to start the old Mantis, Echo or Stihl 2-Stroke tiller, consider Honda's FG110 mini-tiller. Tons of power without the smoke, smell and strain of 2-stroke competitors. Check out this powerful tool.