Fresh Fuel Matters

You step into your grass stained shoes, open the garage door and grab the fuel container to top off your lawnmower. When was the last time you lugged that fuel can to the gas station? If you add aging fuel to your lawn equipment then you may be facing a bigger issue.

Fueling your lawnmower properly is the most important element in proper starting and running the engine. Most fuel blends includes at least 10% Ethanol and this biomass is blamed for many of the problems with mowers not starting or running poorly. Learn why. Additives like ethanol pose unique issues, but gasoline has always aged poorly.

The primary reason engines fail to start is aging fuel, dirty storage containers and improper maintenance. Just as you never drink curdled milk or eat moldy bread, old fuel damages carburetors, clogs fuel lines, fuel tank and most notably, draws humid air into storage containers. From the pump to your container gasoline should be used within 2-3 weeks.

When fuel is fresh, everything runs well, but it must be used quickly. Within a couple of weeks, the ethanol in your fuel begins to separate from the gasoline. Moisture from humid air and airborne debris may collect in your container as well. These two factors prevent your engine from running properly. Ethanol is blended into fuel whether regular or premium and renewable fuels will be used in greater ratios in the future. Small engines are especially sensitive to issues caused by aging fuel.

Keep your small engine running well throughout the season with a quality storage container and purchasing the proper amount of fuel for your needs.

Here’s our advice:

  1. Never buy more than 30 days of fuel. The clock starts when you fill your container at the pump not when you add fuel to your engine’s fuel tank.
  2. Newer no-spill fuel containers help prevent moisture and debris from entering your fuel
  3. Add a fuel stabilizer when you purchase fuel
  4. If your mower is hard to start or running poorly, dispose of your old gasoline and purchase fresh fuel
  5. If you experience persistent issues, try a new gas station
  6. Proper maintenance of your mower is essential to performance. Explore our simple and affordable tune-up kits.