Complete Services

Complete Services

Shop Labor Rate                 $85.00/Hr

Sharpening Services
Blade                                                      $10.00
Blade on Mower                                     $20.00
Chain                                                      $10.00
Chain on Saw                                         $20.00
Hedge Trimmer                                      $2.00/inch

Flat Rate Services
Carburetor Rebuild                              $76.50 Plus Parts
Carburetor Replacement                     $51.00 Plus Parts
Engine Oil Change                              $25.50 Plus Parts
Engine Oil Change with Filter              $25.50 Plus Parts
Tire Repair                                           $20.00 Plus Parts
Recoil Rebuild (Loose)                         $34.00 Plus Parts
Recoil Rebuild (On Engine)                  $59.50 Plus Parts
Self Propel Belt Replacement              $63.75 Plus Parts

Minimum Service Fee
Walk Power Mower                              $42.50/Hr
Riding Mower                                      $85.00/Hr
Commercial Equipment                       $85.00/Hr
Handheld Equipment                           $42.50/Hr


Pick Up and Delivery Service

We offer pick up & delivery services within all of Hamilton and most of Marion, Boone and Hancock counties. When scheduling service, please inquire about charges for pick & delivery in your zip code.