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Power Blowers Pros & Cons
August 11th 2017 - There is a lot to consider when buying a power blower. With leaf season and fall lawn cleanup just around the corner, here is a quick guide to selecting the right equipment.

What is your application?

Consider you primary use and buy accordingly. Every blower provides a different level of power. If you are only clearing grass clippings off your driveway, then we want to match you with a lightweight, affordable handheld blower. For homeowners with mature trees, a powerful backpack blower is the proper choice. 
Handheld Power Blower
Garage floors
Mulch beds
Backpack Power Blower
Leaf removal from lawn
Large patios
Hardscape features
Light snow removal

What are the differences between handheld and backpack blowers?

The primary difference between a handheld and backpack blower is power. If handheld blowers are a garden hose, then backback blowers are a fire hose. For small chores and everday use, a handheld blower is great. However, when you have a lot of work to do a backpack blower increases your productivity and takes the stress out of your arms.

Handheld Power Blower

Pros - Lighweight, maneveurable, affordable

Cons - Limited power, short run time

Backpack Power Blower

Pros - Abundant power, comfortable design for longer chores
Cons - Heavier and louder than handheld blowers, too powerful for delicate chores

Buying from a dealer still makes a difference

Once you know what style blower you need, find the right place to make your purchase. Dealer brands are far more reliable than the inexpensive products offered online or in box stores. Whether you purchase from us or another local dealer, we always encourage you to seek out a brand that you can count on for years. We sell Echo and Shindaiwa blowers for a number of reasons:
Competitive Pricing
Wide Selection of power and design options
Manufacturer support for parts, service and warranty
Simple YOUCan Tune Up Kits
PowerFUEL premixed, ethanol free fuel