Winter 2019-2020 Showroom Preview

Ahead of the dreaded winter season, our 2019 & 2020 lineup of snowblowers are arriving. Honda and Toro continue to lead the industry in quality, innovation and value. For decades, these brands have set incredibly high standards. While many other companies have vanished from the marketplace or devalued their label, Honda and Toro continue to innovate and grow. We are very excited about some improvements and new innovations especially with Toro. 

Latest Innovation

For 2019, Toro introduces 21″ Power Clear e21 60V Battery Snow Blowers. These are cordless single stage snowblowers with battery life to clear most residential driveways. Toro has not compromised on power designing a system that reduces stress on the motor while moving through typical snowfalls for our region. The tremendous innovations in battery and electric motor technology is on display in this impressive machine. We are excited to offer a product that eliminates the concern of stale fuel which is the major cause for hard starting and gas powered engine failure. Learn more

Best Value – Single Stage

Toro offers single stage and 2-Stage snowblowers. Single Stage snowblowers work well for most residential driveways. Longer, wider driveways and sidewalks benefit from the increased power and wider auger housings featured on 2-Stage snowblowers.

Toro’s PowerClear 518 ZE models is a compact single stage snowblower with electric start. The 18″ clearing width will clear most snowfalls in our region. The 4 cycle engine works on the same fuel as your lawnmower (no mixing or blending oil with your fuel). The compact size and lightweight design make it extremely convenient to store. The electric start with recoil pull start backup makes starting the engine on a cold day more reliable and easy. The price is affordable for homeowners on a budget. Learn More

Best Value – Premium Single Stage Snowblower

The second distinction in Single Stage Snowblowers features bigger engines and wider auger housings. Toro Power Clear 821 QZE Single-Stage Snow Blower (78757) clears snow with an extremely powerful 252 cc 4 Cycle Premium Engine, push button electric start and ergonomically designed operating controls. The 21″ auger housing is tall and deep enough to clear 2-9″ of snow at a time. Quick Shoot Control System allows the operator to place snow in any spot with the squeeze of a trigger and the power propel system pulls the machine forward through the snow. 

While 2-Stage Snowthrower models feature actual transmissions and will launch snow further, the Power Clear models are easier to maneuver, simpler to store and clear completely to the driveway surface. Learn More 


Best Value – 2 Stage Snowthrower

Toro SnowMaster QXE with In-line Two-Stage Auger Technology (36002) is a hybrid with the best features of Toro’s 2-Stage, single stage and Recycler lawn mowers. Far more nimble than other 2-Stage snowthrowers, the 24″ clearing width powered by premium Toro 212 cc, 4 cycle engine powers through deep snow. Quick Stick chute control from Power Max models makes directing snow quick and precise. The spartan frame allows for easier storage. Personal Pace self propel system provides and extremely simple and dependable traction control in the harshest conditions.