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2018 Showroom Preview - Standard Zero Turn Riding Mowers
March 2nd 2018 -

Choosing the right Zero Turn Riding Mower begins with identifying the size and condition of your property. We designate our zero turn mowers into three categories: 

  • Standard Residential Zero Turn Riders - Feature powerful engines, sealed hyrdrostatic transmission systems, 10 gauge steel frames and decks. They mow at speeds up to 7 miles per hour and are ideal solutions for up to 1.5 acres of lawn. 

  • Heavy Residential Zero Turns Riders - Designed for use on rougher yards and larger acreage, these ZTRs feature upgraded frames, wider deck sizes, improved seat quality, larger tires and servicable transmission sytems. Homeowners enjoy a better ride and less fatigue.

  • Commerical Zero Turn Riders - Engineered for large estates and professional use, Toro, Hustler and Spartan commercial ZTRs are premier mowers. Every facet of these models are radically upgraded from residential models.

2018 Standard Zero Turn Riding Preview

Toro and Hustler deliver the best quality, durability and innovative mowers in the standard zero turn riding mower category. There are many models in the market and this preview helps you identify the best mower for your needs.

Toro TimeCutter SS3200 - Minimal Footprint

The 32" deck size makes this mower extremely nimble for manuveruing around landscape and fitting into tight storage areas. It is perfect for the homeowner transitioning from a walk power mower into a riding product. Learn more...

Toro TimeCutter SS4225 - Dependable Value

Powered by a Kohler V-Twin engine, this model has been a stalwart in our showroom for decades. The 42" deck size and upgraded engine make this model extremely productive for a great value. At $2,499, Toro has combined value, performance and longevity. Learn more...

Hustler Raptor - Smoothest operation

Hustler's SmoothTrak steering delivers an incredibly steady and reliable ride. The Raptor cutting deck is fully fabricated and available in 42" & 52" widths. For homewoners who demand attention to detail especially in manuverability, the Raptor is the clear choice. Learn more...

Toro TimeCutter SS5000 - Comfort Seat

This model features a wider frame, larger tires and a deluxe upgraded seat. Not only does the 50" cutting deck reduce cut time, but the improved comfort means less fatigue for the operator. Learn more...

Hustler Raptor SD - Rugged Performance

Boasting a stronger frame, reinforced deck, upgraded seat and an excellent transmission, Hustler's Raptor SD pushes the bounds of what defines a standard residential ZTR. Hustler adds the strengths of heavy duty models onto a smaller frame.  Learn more... 

TimeCutter MX5075 MyRIDE - Latest Innovation

Toro's latest revolution is the MyRIDE suspension system. Originally only available on professional models, the TimeCutter provides the smoothest operator platform. The Toro TimeCutter MX5075 MyRIDE zero turn mower provides exceptional comfort and smooth operation. The adjustable seat allows the operator to adjust the suspension system and the suspended operator platform allows 3" of travel, absorbing bumps and vibrations when mowing over rough terrain. Learn More...

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