• Toro Single Cylinder RePower Kit (132-4877)
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4+ / $33.99 ea.

Toro Single Cylinder Engine RePower Kit (132-4877)

Protect your investment with our OEM Tune-up Kit.

All our our tune up kits include the recommended parts to perform a simple tune up. All the parts in this kit are genuine Toro and Champion parts. The oil is specifically formulated for Toro engines.

Includes all the parts to perform a simple tune up including:

Air Filter (Toro Part 127-9193)
Fuel Filter (133-1563 (Replaces 127-9204))
Engine Oil Filter (Toro Part 120-4276)
Spark Plug (Champion RC12YC)
2 U.S. Quarts of Oil SAE 10W30 (Toro Part 38280)

Customized to fit Toro models with single cylinder Toro engine

121-0412 (Service Kit, LC1P92F1 Engine)
127-9358 (Service Kit, 1P92F1 Engine)
23522 (Brush Cutter)
71254 (XLS 380 Lawn Tractor)
74388 (TimeCutter ZS 3200S Riding Mower) timecutter zs3200s
74616 (TimeCutter SS 4216 Riding Mower) timecutter ss4216
74621 (TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower) timecutter ss3200
74629 (TimeCutter SS 3216 Riding Mower) timecutter ss3216
74650 (TimeCutter ZS 3200S Riding Mower) timecutter  zs33200s
74655 (TimeCutter ZS 4200S Riding Mower) timecutter  zs4200s
74670 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower) timecutter  sw3200
74710 (TimeCutter SS 3225 Riding Mower) timecutter  ss3225
74720 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower) timecutter  ss4200
74725 (TimeCutter SS 4200 Riding Mower) time cutter ss4200
74750 (TimeCutter MX 3450 Riding Mower) timecutter mx3450 time cutter mx3450
74765 (TimeCutter MX 4200 Riding Mower) timecutter  mx4200 time cutter  mx4200
74780 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower) time cutter  sw3200
74781 (TimeCutter SW 3200 Riding Mower)