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Severe Weather Awareness - Honda Generators
March 22nd 2017 -

Honda Generators

Power outtages during a storm are scary and more than an inconvenience. Even a power loss of a few hours may compromise the safety of your family and result in damage to your home. A quiet, reliable Honda generator can keeps you connected to weather updates; avoid water damge by keeping your sump pump running; prevent broken pipes by powering your furnace and avoid food spoilage in your refrigerator. 

Most homeowners have some basic questions when exploring portable generators. If you lose power infrequently, then consider the versatitility and portability of the smaller EU-Series generators (EU1000i, EU2000i). If power outages are common at your property, I encourage homeowners to install a home transfer switch and explore the EU3000iS, EM4000 or EM5000. For the ultimate home backup solution, Honda's EU7000iS delivers unmatched performance.

I hope this brief preview simplifies which generator suits your needs. If you have any questions, our staff is happy to help anytime.

Honda Super Quiet Generators

All Honda generators provide stable power, but the EU-Series delivers clean power at an incredibly quiet level. Raw power passes through a microprocessor to delivery power stable enough to operate the most sensitive electronics without the fear of surges. This means you can plug computers, televisions and even charge smart phones directly off these generators.

EU1000i - Highly portable, basic security

At just 27 pounds, this generator delivers 1000 watts (enough power to operate lights, tvs and fans). Most consumers buy this for camping or off grid business functions. Explore this generator

EU2000i - Most popular for a reason

Honda reinvented the generator with this product. It is extremely quiet, delivers 2000 watts (enough power to operate many sump pumps, microwaves and refrigerators). You can rely on this generator for some basic home backup, but also enhance your next camping, tailgating or boat trip. Explore this generator

Parallel Capability

When 2000 watts is not enough power, EU2000i generators feature a parallel function. Two generators are linked via cables to double your power. This capability delivers enough power for most RV applications and home emergency power. The flexibility of using only one at a time appeals to many people looking for lightweight, portable power.

EU3000iS - RV Generator

The perfect compliment to your RV, the 3000 watts can power 13,500 BTU RV A/C units. The ability to run for up to 20 hours on a single tank and its incredibly low operating noise add to its utility as a home backup option. Explore this generator

EU7000iS - Ultimate in home backup

Honda's flagship model features fuel injection, providing reliable power without fuel-related problems. This generator can deliver 7000 watts and run from 6.5 to 18 hours on a single tank of fuel. This EU Series generator is our most powerful, versatile and technologically advanced generator. The GFCI 120 volt outlets allow homeowners to safely power most homes. For the ideal solution, a professionally installed home transfer switch and this generator keeps your entire home secure. Explore this generator

Honda Deluxe Series Generators

The EM Series offers the right features for conveinent home backup power at an affordable price. These models feature GFCI 120 volt outlets, simultaneous AC/DC use and Honda's iAVR power feature which minimizes voltage fluctuations. Most notably, These generators are designed with your furnace, refrigerator and air conditioner in mind. Honda's iAVR allows for increased wattage above the maximum rating for up to 10 seconds to start high amp applications. 

EM4000SX - Perfect for 120V only power needs

Deluxe electric start, 4000-watt model can reach 5000 watts up to 10 seconds. With a professionally installed home transfer switch, this generator will protect most homes. Explore this generator

EM5000SX - Perfect for 240V

Deluxe electric start, 5000-watt model can reach 7000 watts up to 10 seconds. With a professionally installed home transfer switch, this generator will protect most homes including well pumps. Explore this generator

What is a Transfer Switch?

A transfer switch installs near your home circuit panel (fuse box). You plug your generator into this switch with a special outlet and cable. The advantages of a transfer switch are
  • Power is isolated to specific circuits at your discretion (furnace, sump pump, ktichen, master bedroom)
  • The generator can be safely operated outside of your home
  • Generator's power does not go outside the house or building