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Super Z

Unmatched strength, reliability, speed, productivity and warranties. When you're this unmatched they call you "Super." The Super Z® is a high-performance zero-turn that defines what being a commercial mower is all about.
Its redesigned features include a commercial duty 21cc pump, a Parker TG series wheel motor with hot oil shuttle and large-capacity oil cooler with 8-inch fan. The Super Z® also features VX4® deck technology.

Key Features

14 mph – gets the job done fast!
VX4® deck – clean cut, excellent performance in all conditions
Unmatched hydraulics
Bolstered suspension seat
Solid steel 54", 60", 66", 72" decks

Full Super Z Line-Up

Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 54" Grammer Suspension Seat 934992
Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 54" Grammer Suspension Seat 934984US
Kawasaki FX850 (27hp) 60" Grammer Suspension Seat 935007
Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 60" Grammer Suspension Seat 935015US
Kohler 824 EFI (29hp) 60" RD Grammer Suspension Seat 935023
Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 66" Grammer Suspension Seat 935031
Kawasaki FX1000 (35hp) 72" Grammer Suspension Seat 935049
Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 72" Grammer Suspension Seat 935056US
Kohler 824 EFI (33hp) 72" RD Grammer Suspension Seat 935064


Unmatched by any competitors - oil shuttle and cooler separates it from the competition.
Fuel Capacity
12 gallons of fuel means less time filling up and more time mowing.
Deck Options
Side and rear discharge deck options for the most difficult cutting conditions.
High Horsepower Engine Options
Kawasaki FX engines provide more than enough horsepower to tackle even the toughest jobs.
Suspension Seat
Suspension adjusts for comfort in the roughest mowing conditions.
14mph gets the job done quickly.