Honda HRX217 Series Tune-Up Kit (Serial Range MAGA-1000001 to MAGA-2199999)

  • Honda HRX217 Series Tune-Up Kit (Serial Range MAGA-1000001 to MAGA-2199999)
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Honda HRX217 Series Tune Up Kit

Protect your investment with our OEM Tune-up Kit. Includes all the parts to perform a simple tune up.


Air Filter (Honda Part 17211-ZL8-023)
Spark Plug (NGK BPR5ES (Honda Part 98079-55846)) 
1 U.S. Quart Oil (Honda 10W30)
Upper Blade (Honda Part 72531-VH7-000) 
Lower Blade (Honda Part 72511-VH7-000) 

Customized for Honda HRX217 Series models

Special Note: Please check serial number before ordering

The air filter in this kit is specific to models from HRX217K1 through HRX217K3 (Serial Range MAGA-1000001 to MAGA-2199999).

HRX217HMA hrx2171hma hrx217k1hma hrx217k1 hma hrx217 k1hma, hrx217 hma, hrx217 1hma
HRX217HXA hrx2171hxa hrx217k1hxa hrx217k1 hxa hrx217 k1hxa, hrx217 hxa, hrx217 1hxa
HRX217TDA hrx2171tda hrx217k1tda hrx217k1 tda hrx217 k1tda, hrx217 tda, hrx217 1tda
HRX217VKA hrx2171vka hrx217k1vka hrx217k1 vka hrx217 k1vka, hrx217 vka, hrx217 1vka
HRX217HZA hrx2171hza hrx217k1hza hrx217k1 hza hrx217 k1hza, hrx217 hza, hrx217 1hza
HRX217HYA hrx2171hya hrx217k1hya hrx217k1 hya hrx217 k1hya, hrx217 hya, hrx217 1hya hrx217hyaa
hrx2171vya hrx217k1vya hrx217k1 vya hrx217 k1vya, hrx217 vya, hrx217 1vya hrx217vyaa
HRX217VLA hrx2171vla hrx217k1vla hrx217k1 vla hrx217 k1vla, hrx217 vla, hrx217 1vla hrx217vlaa
hrx2172hmaa hrx217 2hmaa hrx217 k2hmaa hrx217 2 hmaa hrx217 hmaa hrx217hmaa
HRX217K2HXAA hrx2172hxaa hrx217 2hxaa hrx217 k2hxaa hrx217 2 hxaa hrx217 hxaa hrx217hxaa
HRX217K2VKAA hrx2172vkaa hrx217 2vkaa hrx217 k2vkaa hrx217 2 vkaa hrx217 vkaa hrx217vkaa
HRX217K3HYAA hrx2173hyaa hrx217 3hyaa hrx217 k3hyaa hrx217 3 hyaa hrx217 hyaa hrx217hyaa
HRX217K3HZAA hrx2173hzaa hrx217 3hzaa hrx217 k3hzaa hrx217 3 hzaa hrx217 hzaa hrx217hzaa
HRX217K3VKA hrx2173vkaa hrx217 3vkaa hrx217 k3vkaa hrx217 3 vkaa hrx2173 vkaa hrx217vkaa