• Echo Air Filter Kit (90116)
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Echo Air Filter Kit 90116Y

Echo YOUCAN Kit includes parts to update air filter and cover.

OEM Echo Air Filter (A226001410)
THUMBSCREW (V299000250)
AIR CLEANER COVER, 225, 235 (A232001850)

Fits models

GT-225, GT-225i, GT-225L
PAS-225, PAS-225SB
SHC-225, SHC-225S
SRM-225, SRM-225i, SRM-225SB, SRM-225U

GT225, GT225i, GT225L, PAS225, PAS225SB, PE225, PPF225, SHC225, SHC225S, SRM225, SRM225i, SRM225SB, SRM225U GT 225, GT 225i, GT 225L, PAS 225, PAS 225SB, PE 225, PPF 225, SHC 225, SHC 225S, SRM 225, SRM 225i, SRM 225SB, SRM 225U