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2017 Lawnmower Preview
February 5th 2017 -

Spring 2017 Showroom Preview

Ahead of the cutting season, our 2017 lineup is arrving. Over the course of the next few newsletters, I will cover what is new in riding lawn mowers, some great innovations in handheld equipment and finally, some new choices in large turf management. This article features our selection of Honda and Toro walk power mowers. For decades, these brands have been leading the industry in quality and value. While many other companies have vanished from the marketplace or devalued their label, Honda and Toro continue to innovate and grow.

Best Value - Steel Deck

There are two levels of quality in walk powered mowers. The simplest way to distinguish good mowers from premium is deck material. The majority of mowers in the market feature steel decks. The Honda HRR2169VKA is our featured mower in this class. We love this mower. The Honda HRR216 Series provides an exceptional value without sacrificing engine and cut quality. Honda's legendary engine combines with twin blades provides the best value at this price. At $399, the HRR216 offers a durable variable speed transmission; 3 in 1 (mulch, bag and discharge) deck, reliable Honda GCV160 engine and a precise Twin Blade MicroCut System. 

Best Value - Premium Mower

The second level of quality is distinguished by thicker decks (aluminum in the case of Toro and Nexite in the case of Honda). These decks are molded for strength and enhance cut quality. The engines, transmission and hardware on premium mowers are more robust and durable. Premium mowers not only perform better than steel deck models, the running life exceeds chepaer models by 150-200%. Toro and Honda back these premium models with a 5 year limited warranty. 

When customers demand a premium lawnmower, our choice for value is the Toro Super Recycler with Personal Pace (20381)Toro's Personal Pace® self propel Super Recycler is one of our best selling lawn mowers. It features a Toro TXP 159cc OHV w/Auto Choke engine, Quick Stow Storage Handle for compact, easy storage and the most enviable self propel system in the market. The Personal Pace system is completely intuitive--matching your walking speed precisely. Whether striding over wide turf or carefully manuveuring around landscaping, this mower is ideal.

Premium Cut Quality

In the Premium mower class, Honda separates from Toro with a larger engine and an innovative cutting system. For customers seeking a premium cut, the HRX-Series is a great selection. Honda's Premium Residential Mowers feature 4-in-1 Versamow System™ with Clip Director® - mulch, bag, discharge, and leaf shred. This system allows you to direct the amount of grass clippings flowing into the bag. Excess clippings on your lawn damage the turf. The versamow system reduces these clippings without constantly dumping the rear bag. MicroCut® Twin Blades, highly engineered NeXite® deck, and the Easy starting Honda GCV190 engine all increase the cut quality from other models. Our selection for those focused on mulching is the HRX2175VKA.​​

Maximized Features

The HRX2175HYA adds a Roto-Stop blade clutch and Honda's premiere hydrostatic transmission. The result is an extremely reliable, simple to operate lawnmower. Since its introduction, this model has been decorated with awards, pursued by competitors and the class of our showroom. Perhaps the best way to explain why we love this model, once someone owns an HRX217HYA, they never consider a different model. In my opinion, that is the definition of quality.

Best Wide-Cut 

Finally, the Toro TimeMaster is updated with improved cut quality, updated engine and more powerful transmission. While many manufacturers have attempted and failed to create a quality walk power mower with a side cutting deck, Toro has done it. The 30" cutting deck appears heavy, but Toro's Personal Pace self proper system moves the mower with ease. The result is a quality mower that reduces mowing time by 40%. We love that this reduces fatigue on the operator and the mower.